‘People are starting to desire healing’
January 28, 2016

Update Letter

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of Live Again Rwanda

Greetings from Rwanda. Hope this letter finds you and yours well.

It has been a long time since our last update letter, we apologize for the delay in sending you an update on what has been happening here with us. It has been an amazing couple of months here and we have many exciting things to report and share with you.

Since my arrival back in Rwanda on January 1, 2016, we have hit the ground running again with our ministry. It was a bit of a difficult transition for me at first. I was blessed to spend a lot of time with my family and some dear friends back in Canada and it was harder to say goodbye this time than ever before. I realized how great it was to spend such quality time with them and how much I miss them all living over here. But God is good and he gave me the strength to continue with the calling that he has placed on my life. We also were extremely blessed on our tour. We received so much support and have been blessed to return to Rwanda with a new found hope and excitement about what God is doing here in and through Live Again Rwanda.

The first and greatest news to share with you is that we have officially MOVED INTO OUR NEW CENTRE!!!!!! Thank you to all of you who contributed and donated on our tour to make this a possibility for us. It took longer than expected to get it all settled and finished the way we wanted it, but on February 25th, we had a first counselling sessions in our new space. The Centre is brand new. We have converted a 4 bedroom house into our offices. Amos and I each have our own office plus we have 2 counselling offices. There is a large training space (the livingroom) which we have designed as a waiting room/training centre and the dining room we have converted to a boardroom/meeting room. We are so very thankful to God and to all of you for making this dream come true. It truly is a DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Secondly we started our 4th cohort of counselling students. The new class started on February 4th and we have 28 students who joined us this time around. We have almost completed the foundational level and are moving into pairing them with one another for the practical component of our training. This group is quite eager and excited about counselling. It is always such a joy for us to share our counselling knowledge and expertise with such eager students and to see their lives transform before our very eyes. One of the things that we introduced in our last cohort was the sharing of personal life stories within the larger group context. Each week we have a student share about their life’s journey to this point….the good and the bad. This gives the rest of the class the opportunity to really get to know the person and their life’s journey. At the end of the sharing we have our students respond with empathetic statements, reflections and validations. These sharing times have a 2 fold intention, for students to learn how to be vulnerable with one another and for listening students to demonstrate what they have learned in the counselling class through the demonstration of their skills. We have found that these sharing times have really bonded our class and brought them closer together. Many have said they feel like a family at the end of our 6 months together.

In other good news, we have been receiving many new referrals for counselling. I have been booking between 10 – 12 session per week and Amos is now seeing a couple of clients as well. We have also been meeting with a local telephone company and are in the process of signing a contract with them to provide EAP (Employee Assistance programs) for them. Counselling sessions with them started last week. We are so excited about this new opportunity. God is just blowing the doors off. We are continually blessed with new clients and new referrals and we actually never even advertise our services, God just brings those in need to us. He is amazing.

We have also been meeting with another larger organization and discussing with about the possibility of providing EAP services for them as well. We continue to be in awe of what the Lord is doing in and through Live Again Rwanda.

While we were in Canada we met with a great new volunteer who offered to help us to redesign our website, more specifically assisting us with the content of the site. He also recruited another volunteer who has been managing the site and uploading all these changes for us. The two of these men have blessed us tremendously…please take a look at our new content and see what you think. www.liveagainrwanda.com

So, that is short update on what has been happening here with us. We are very excited about all that God is doing. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Blessings and love from Rwanda


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